Family Support Day


Urban Survivor’s Union is excited to partner with Families For Sensible Drug Policy.  This partnership allows us to bring families important information that has been obtained using a combination of the most up to date scientific evidence based theory and first hand experience.  The days of telling loved ones they are sick because they love their family members are over.  Harm Reduction offers evidence based strategies for coping with a loved ones substance use disorder that are both loving and most important, they work.  We reject the old tough love approaches and efforts to bring people “closer to their bottom”.

February 24th we stand with Families on Family Drug Support Day.  Thank you Families, You Make all the Difference for Many of Us!

Family Drug Support Day


1.  Families want informed and innovative policies and programs that reduce the likelihood of harm for their children and loved ones.

2.     Relying on criminal sanctions to address substance use only serves to create more problems. A growing number of physicians and lawmakers understand that substance use is best viewed through a HUMAN RIGHTS and PUBLIC HEALTH lens, rather than as a criminal justice issue.


  1. Families must not be left emotionally and financially bankrupt as a result of advocating for their loved one’s health. We’re entitled to access the same best practices as experienced in every other medical and mental health condition that require lifestyle change.


  1. Families want services that support their children, not punish and criminalize them in a way that creates lifelong penalties. Drug users and their families should always be treated with respect, care and compassion.


  1. Policy must focus on measures that reduce drug fatalities – families want policies and programs that keep their children alive. This includes harm reduction strategies such as safe injecting facilities, pill testing and heroin prescription programs.


  1. Families must be included as equal partners and consulted on all aspects in the development and implementation of drug policies and programs. For too long families have been left in the cold as they are often seen as part of the problem.
  2. Family support must be recognized and resourced as a key element in achieving positive outcomes with people experiencing problematic drug and alcohol use, with a much greater emphasis needed to support culturally diverse populations. Families want services that are there to help them as well as the affected individual.



For more information about International Family Drug Support Day visit the FSDP website.


For requests for more information, contact FSDP Cofounders Barry Lessin or Carol Kat

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