Hepatitis C


Hepatitis C a disease of the liver.  Hepatitis C is a huge concern for people that use drugs or are in recovery from substance misuse.  Too many people do not know the basics about Hepatitis!  So here are the basics:

Hepatitis just means:  Inflammation of the liver but when you hear about hepatitis and drug use people are probably talking about viral hepatitis.  That is hepatitis with a letter behind it!  Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C….


Hepatitis C is a sturdy virus that stays alive outside of the body!  NEVER SHARE YOUR SYRINGES OR SUPPLIES!!  Supplies include: cottons, cookers, tourniquets, water, spoon, all of your equipment could potentially be contaminated with the HCV virus.  NEVER SHARE ANYTHING.

It is important to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B because you can get very sick if you have HCV and get either A or B. There are crazy high rates of HCV in injection drug using populations.  Some of the stats suggest that up to 75% of  injection drug users IDU’s are infected with hepatitis C, and they become infected in the first two years of injection.

Get Vaccinated  for Heaptitis A and B at your local health department. There is no vaccine for C but there is some very effective treatment!  These days the treatment is 90% effective! (Great News)

HEPATITIS A-   A stands for ASS- you get HAV from getting poop in your mouth! So you could get Hepatitis A from tossin’ salads or eating food prepared by someone who did not wash their hands after a trip to the bathroom!  Get a vaccine at your local health department!

HEPATITIS B-  B Stands for Booty- you get HBV from sex!  Cum and blood!  There is a vaccine for B.  You can get one at your local health department if you do not have one!

HEPATITIS C- C Stands for cooker HCV- you get HCV from blood but it stays alive up to 2 weeks highly infectious so your cookers are potentially dangerous.  Some research shows that sharing a cooker that is used by more than one person is just as dangerous as sharing a syringe.

Don’t share crack pipes, don’t share snorting supplies, don’t share syringes cottons, cookers, don’t share anything that could be contaminated with blood.



HELP-4-HEP (hepatitis C helpline)

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