My First Visit to the Greensboro Syringe Xchange

My First Visit to The Greensboro Xchange
We Have put together a video to ease your mind about your first visit to the Greensboro Xchange run by Urban Survivors Union

On your first visit just come on in, you don’t need ID, you don’t need used syringes (please if you have some bring them), you don’t need anything but you. There is no judgment and we all understand. Come on in….Can’t wait to see you at 1114 Grove Street, Greensboro, NC 27403 our hours are Monday 10-4, Tuesday 2-7 (a womens group is from 6-7 this is a group for women, trans women to come and talk about how drug use intersects with reproductive choices, pregnancy, raising children, dealing with relationsips, difficulties with abuse and much more) and Friday from 2-7.

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