Harm Reduction Groups


NC Chapter of Urban Survivor’s Union has 2 Groups at this time:

2300 W. Meadowview Road Suite 209

Tuesday from 7:30pm-9:00pm    Community Organizing Group

We pay a member 30$ per week to lead this group (there are requirements that must be met for 30$ to occur).  The member picks a topic that affects them as a drug user in this community that they believe should be changed.  We have had so many great talks.  Anything that affects you (as a drug user) that you believe in unjust or hinders you we want to learn about and get into action.  We engage in all sorts of direct action campaigns!  Come find out about what we do.  We want you!!!!


Friday from 12:15-1:30- ANY positive change group. No abstinence required.  We all make goals and check in weekly.  NO judgement!



THIS IS NOT A 12 STEP PROGRAM.….falling down steps

To be used in combination with 12 step groups or as a substitute for 12 step groups.

  • We are not a 12 step program.  We use the most up to date scientific research!
  • There are no predetermined outcomes-you define success!
  • There are no requirements or pressure to be or become abstinent
  • Our goal is to reduce harm and make positive change.
  • We believe that we are not powerless, rather, we are the only ones with the power to change our behavior.
  • Being an agent of change in your community is powerful and empowering.  Come and help end this devastating drug war that is crippling drug users and creating harm immeasurable harm.unities.
  • We hold events like overdose awareness day and show the community that drug users can be loving and kind.  When we come together for the common good we become a powerful force in our communities.


Whats wrong with traditional drug education, prevention, and treatment?

Abstinence based treatment has but only one indicator for success and that is total and complete abstinence from all mind and mood altering substances (with the exception of tobacco and coffee).  Many people avoid seeking help for their alcohol and or drug problems because they have no desire to become 100% abstinent.  There are other solutions,and harm reduction in combination with tools for managing drug use and moderation are available.  What we offer here are a variety of tools and education that will  help you reach your goals.

Harm Reduction is an approach to drug use that places the overall well-being of the drug user and society, above the narrow, and frequently elusive, sole goal of abstinence. 

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