Sex Work (S.W.A.T. Team)

The NC Urban Survivor’s Union works with a group of sex workers here in the Greensboro, High-Point, Winston -Salem Area!  If you are a sex worker and would like to join our S.W.A.T. Team  (Sex workers ain’t trash) and become a member of the Urban Survivor’s Union Call 336-669-5543.

NC Urban Survivor’s Union provides education and advocacy opportunities to sex workers in the Triad Area.  The NC Chapter aims to change attitudes and policies that endanger and violate the human rights of sex workers in our area.  We recognize that sex workers often face stigma, discrimination, structural, cultural and interpersonal violence.  NC-USU supports the NC USU  S.W.A.T.  TEAM.

S. W. A.T. Team on Screening Clients:

Get as much info as you you can about the people you are meeting or plan to meet.  The more you know the more you can protect yourself.

If you have accurate information about who you are meeting it is less likely they will cause you harm (because you know who they are).

S.W.A.T. Team keeps a bad date line.  When you have information about a person who has harmed you or someone you know you can put them on this list!!

Always let someone know where you are going, give access to email address or cell phone record to a friend or partner in the the business just to be on the safe side!

Work with a harm reduction partner.  Alone is never a good idea.  Write down information, license plate numbers

Screening is about asking for and getting accurate information about individuals you may meet. The more information you ask from and have about someone:

Give access to your email address/cell-phone-record to a friend in the business so that she/he can access it in case anything happens to you.

Try to get at least one (and preferably all of) the following:

  • full name & place of employment (you can also sometimes get this by searching the person’s phone number).
  • a reference from another person they interacted with before.
  • Ask for an ID when you meet them to confirm Identity
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