Drug Use, Substance Misuse even Addiction should not prevent access to good health care!

Drug Use, Substance Misuse,  Addiction, Substance Use, …Whether or not a person uses drugs or is addicted to them, should not affect whether or not a doctor will see them, treat them with dignity, respect, or listen to them for that matter, but it does!  I have experienced the most horrific stigmatizing ordeals with medical professionals, […]

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Opioid Epidemic

Let the witch hunt begin! The opioid epidemic rages on!

Call me crazy but there is a serious problem with how we are choosing to move forward in the face of “the opioid epidemic”.  Now, let me clarify, I have every reason to want our society to find solutions to this growing problem- so, I am not untouched by the pain caused by the growing […]

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Not one leg to stand on!

I am diagnosed bipolar, have struggled with substance misuse and found my way through these difficulties without using the traditional approaches that our society “approves” of.  I am not a member of AA or NA, I do not regularly go to church, I am not on psychiatric medication  and I just went through one of […]

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