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Urban Survivor’s Union

Urban Survivor’s Union is a national drug user union located here in the United States.  At this time we are the ONLY national drug user union.  User Union’s are much like other unions our goals are to represent the interests of people who have been directly impacted by substance use and policies related to drugs.  Many drug users have no idea drug user unions exist, and this is something USU is working to change.

The drug war was waged because as Nixon’s aid Ehrlichman reported,  “We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. “We could arrest their  leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”


WE:  The Urban Survivors union are a group of people who know personally the damage stigmatizing labels and misguided drug policy can have. WE:  The Urban Survivors Union are a group of people who have come together to demand an immediate end to the war on drugs. We:  The Urban Survivor’s Union have decided NO MORE standing back while drug war proponents pass harsh laws that tear users’ lives apart. And no more yielding to well-meaning reformists who continuously harm drug users because they refuse to include us in decision making and  have created a system which blames drug users for poorly designed programs and systemic failures.

Why do people use drugs?  When people use drugs they are often using to solve a medical, health problem. There are people that have chronic pain. Many people take medication /drugs to treat depression or some other illness. Some of us are taking suboxone, buprenorphine or methadone as maintenance therapy. Some people take drugs to relax,to sleep, or to feel  more confident or less self conscience.  Some are using for fun or maybe just to cope with life. Lots of  people don’t know why they use drugs they just do. We are in no way suggesting that drugs do not cause harm.  We know that many drugs can produce powerfully negative consequences even death. But even as we acknowledge this we are acutely aware that drug policy causes far more harm than most drug use. We are dedicated to ensuring that drug users have the resources they need to stay safe from disease and death.  We demand that drug users are treated fairly, with dignity and no longer discriminated against.  We demand that drug dependence and chaotic drug use be treated as a health issue not a criminal issue.

Uphold the rights of drug users for we are people too!

What ever the relationship you have with drugs, or where you are on the drug use continuum, ranging from chaotic use to abstinence ….IF you believe that changes in drug policy must be made, you are at the right place.
                                                         Come join us!!  Be proud of who you are….We love you and welcome to our family.
Our Union Mantra is:  ANY POSITIVE CHANGE!  We want people to be happy and healthy.  We support our members and help them to make positive changes in their lives!


Drug User Groups and Networks:

US National Groups:

Urban Survivor’s Union:  National drug user union made up of drug users who are dedicated to ending the war on drugs.  They have chapters in Seattle, San Francisco, Piedmont, NC, and Charlotte, NC.  They are home to the first drug user union located in the US South.


USADU- United States Alliance of Drug Users, This is a national group designed to represent drug users and any person or persons directly impacted by the war on drugs.  This group is still in its beginning phase of development.   For more info contact Louise Vincent (336-669-5543)

INPUD- International People who Use Drugs- International Drug User Union- Nothing about us Without Us.


  • The International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) promotes objective and open debate on the effectiveness, direction and content of drug policies at national and international level. It lobbies for more effective HIV response programs for people who use drugs on global level. www.idpc.net
  • YouthRISE | www.youthrise.org

Regional Groups and Networks:

  • Asian Network of People who Use Drugs (ANPUD) | www.anpud.org
  • Eurasian Harm Reduction Network | www.harm-reduction.org
  • Eurasian Network of People who Use Drugs (ENPUD) | www.enpud.org
  • European Network of People who Use Drugs (EuroNPUD)
  • Latin America Network of People who Use Drugs (LANPUD) | www.lanpud.blogspot.co.uk
  • Middle East and North Africa Network of People who Use Drugs (MENANPUD)

Country Networks:

  • Afghanistan drug user group (ADUG), Kabul
  • Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) is the national peak organisation representing the state and territory drug user organisations and issues of national significance for people who use or have used illicit drugs. www.aivl.org.au
  • L’ADDICQ (Association pour la Défense des Droits et l’Inclusion des personnes qui Consomment des drogues du Québec) www.linjecteur.ca/addicq
  • Manitoba Area Network of Drug Users (MANDU) Winnipeg, Manitoba. www.mandu.undun.org
  • Meta Dame, an organisation of current and former methadone patients and drug users, operating in Montreal, Quebec. www.metadame.org
  • Unified Network of Drug Users Nationally (UNDUN ) www.undun.org
  • Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU ) is a group of users and former users who work to improve the lives of people who use illicit drugs through user-based peer support and education. www.vandu.org
  • UHO Croatian Drug Users Union. Croatia’s self help drug users organisation with a website covering a wide range of drug user specific health, drug and harm reduction information. www.uho.hr
  • Danish Drug Users Union/BrugerForeningen. The Danish Drug Users Unions official website, with news, reports, harm reduction, treatment information, guest writers and bloggers, opiate museum and national drug news. www.brugerforeningen.dk
  • The French Organisation for Drug Users /HIV /Auto-Support des Usagers de Drogues (ASUD). ASUD (Self-Support for Drug Users) The French organisation that works to support the reduction in risk to people who use drugs. www.asud.org
  • JES (Junkies, ex-user People in Opiate Substitution Treatment) is the German Network for drug users and one of the oldest drug user networks in the world, founded 1989. www.jes-bundesverband.de
  • German Drug Users Union www.vision-ev.de
  • Greek Drug & Substitute Users Union, defending the rights of people who use drugs, to promote harm reduction policies and antiprohibition www.okanatherapevomenoi.blogspot.gr
  • Indian Drug Users’ Forum (IDUF) www.facebook.com/groups/266420433372977/
  • Inner Voice of Drug Users, Chennai City www.ivdu.blogspot.com
  • Humanitarian Organization for Progress & Empowerment (HOPE) is a community based organization of injecting drugs user in the Churachandpur, Manipur.
  • Community Network for Empowerment (CONE) Manipur, is a network of community based organisations/groups of people who use drugs in Manipur www.conemanipur.net
  • IKON Bali Drug Users Organisation www.ikonbali.org
  • PERFORMA – Central Java Network of People who Use Drugs
  • Persaudaraan Korban Napza Indonesia (PKNI) is a network of drug user organizations which was established based on the concerns of the victims of drug policy upon stigma, violence, discrimination and violations of Human Rights towards people who use drugs. www.pkni.org
  • Stigma Foundation for Drug Users Rights www.stigmafoundation.blogspot.com
  • Drug users Organisation MDHG/Belangenvereniging voor druggebruikers MDHG, Amsterdam www.mdhg.nl
  • Drug Users Union / Landelijk Steunpunt Druggebruikers (LSD) www.lsd.nl
  • Association of People Living with HIV (APLHIV) Pakistan. To Ensure that PLHIVS have equal rights and live with dignity/peace,like other members of society. www.facebook.com/APLHIV
  • WYZWOLENIE: Krakow Association of Substitution Patients (Also known as LIBERATION) WYZWOLENIE is run by users and people on drug treatment, who are working voluntarily to make the human rights of drug users more visible and understandable to people who use drugs, health professionals and government. www.wyzwolenie.weebly.com
Republic of Ireland:
  • Union for Improved Services, Communication & Education (UISCE) drug user organisation based in Dublin, Ireland. Their main function is to articulate as best they can, the issues affecting people who use drugs towards informing and changing policy and practice. www.facebook.com/BrassMunkie
Russian Federation:
  • Russian Drug User Organisation – Moscow www.drugusers.ru
  • KOLODETZ An advocacy organization with the main goal to defend rights of people affected by drug epidemic and drug policy in Russia: active and former drug users, people with HIV/AIDS, their families, and youth in general. www.drugpolicy.ru

If you would like to add a drug user network(s) to this list please contact us www.inpud.net/en/contac

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