Greensboro, NC Triad Harm Reduction, Drug Use, Wellness and Recovery Coach

Do you live in the Piedmont Triad Area?

Do you have a family member or are you struggling with substances?

Are you not finding the kind of help you want or need?

Have you been to detox dozens of times, Do you tell yourself day after day things are going to be different and really mean it, but wake up and do the same thing over and over. Have you been to meetings, done that, got the t-shirt—Thats just not for you??? I understand!

I did not know what to do for many years.  My name is Louise Vincent MPH and I am a harm reduction wellness coach.  Please contact me if you would like to stop hating yourself, stop failing, start meeting your goals!! Urban Survivors Union is a different kind of substance use center. We are not punitive. We are not going to treat you like you are bad, or like you are a criminal. Most likely you have never been to a place like this ever in your life. You must see it to believe it. People love USU! We hear from people all the time that credit us with saving their lives.

Do you have a teenager that you are afraid is going down the wrong path? Nothing seems to be working—-CALL US NOW. We Promise that things will get better immediatly. Come get linked up with a USU wellness team and start making positive change today.

Call me…336-669-5543

My Rates are Nego.

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